Professional Tech Bin Rental for Live Events

Due to our commitment in improving our equipment, the photo may appear slightly different from the rental unit provided. This rental requires a sound engineer or light designer to be present on-site for the entire duration of the event.


Equipment rental comes with the following:

  • DMX Cables for Lighting (various lengths)
  • DMX Wireless Transmitters & Receivers
  • XLR Cables for Sound (various lengths)
  • 1/4″ Cables for Sound
  • 3.5mm Cables for Sound
  • 3x Laptops with Windows 10 and various software packages
    • 2x IR scanners and readers
    • Included peripherals
  • Various IEC and Power Extension Cables
  • 2x Wireless Microphones for PA
  • 2x Shure XM58 wired microphones (or equivalent)
  • Gaffers tape, masking tape, cutters, tools, etc.